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Bowen, E.G., The Settlements of the Celtic Saints in Wales, University of Wales Press, Cardiff 1954

Dafydd Llwyd

Dafydd Llwyd was a prolific writer, and a gentleman poet who worked in the cywyddau tradition specifically in relation to the canu brud - prophetic poetry.

Ffylip Brydydd d. 1222

Ffylip Brydydd is reported as having a contest with the 'riff raff poets' (clêr) in the court of Arglwydd with Rhys Ieuanc at Llanbadarn. Pencredd of Rhys Gryg court, son of Lord Rhys.

Einion Offeiriad

The removal of the Native leaders caused a void within the poetic tradition where the Pencerddiaid and Beirdd teulu were unable to gain their traditional form of patronage.

Lewys ap Rhys ab Owain

Lewys ap Rhys ab Owain (aks Lewis Dwnn) 1568-1616, trained under two bardic poets, however he is better known for his scholarship of the period preserving genealogical tracts.

John Bradford 1706-1785

Originally from Bradford on Avon in the early 17th century, his father Richard Bradford more than likely moved to Y Pandy, Betws tir Iarall, Glamorgan.

Cynddelw Bryd Mawr fl 1155-1200

Cynddelw Brydd Mawr, Bard to Owain Gwynedd, Madog ab Maredudd ab Bleddyn, and Dafyd ab Owain. Poems are valuable for the historical notices contained therein and the excellence of his poetry.

Gwalachmai 1150-1190

Gwalchmai son of Meiler ab Mabon ap Iraddur ab Mor. Married Genhedles dau of Gwrgeneu ab Ednowain ab Ithel, Lord of Bryn in Pennant Melangell, of Powys, there sibling being Einion ab Gwalchmai.

Llywelyn Sion c.1540-1615

Llywelyn Sion as born at Llangewydd near Bridgend, Llywelyn Sion was a devout catholic and was a copyist of manuscripts and poetry.

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