Is the symbol on the front page of Druidic Dawn connected to Neo Druidry and OBOD?

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The awen symbol has a chequered timeline; present day stereotyping might suggest this could be the case. However the image is utilised by other Druid Organisations other than OBOD, which is presently illustrated within the member’s Knowledge base. The awen symbol has associations with the present day Eisteddfod organisation in Wales, UK. It also is associated with Edward Williams better know as IoIo Morgannwg. Further associations can be deduced from the Masonic Orders which developed from various societies, during and after the 'War of the Roses' within England and Wales during the 17th century. The awen symbol is described in poetic form during a Bardic Controversy in the early 15th Century. This involved three bards from different regional areas within Wales. The period highlights internal changes occurring which affected the Welsh Bardic Tradition itself. The symbol, if one is interested could be taken further back, in time and space through personal reseach.

The Druidic Dawn Project Team, leaves our readers to draw their own conclusions.