Making Walking Sticks

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Awens to All:

I have taken up the Art of making Walking Staves for Hiking as well as a Walking Staff for those who need a Cane.

When I make a Staff, I record the Provenance of the Staff. I record the Date the Tree Branch was taken, the Information on the Special Event when it was taken and the type of Tree it was.


Here is the First Walking Stick I made:

I was Pruning Limbs out of a Tree at my New Place on March 25th and was taken from the Giant Service Tree that is in the Courtyard.

After finishing it, I Gifted it to the Tai Chi Hostess that welcomed me onto her Tai Chi Sessions that I am currently enjoying.

Here is the Second Walking Stick I made:

I got that Tree Branch from some Fallen Alder Trees that was nearby my 2020 Summer Solstice Campsite.

I Gifted it to the BVS Temple Monk who arrived about 6 or 8 Months ago who is an Avid Gardener and he has built a Huge Allotment Garden and anything this Monk Plants then Grows In Abundance.

And here is 3rd Walking Stick I made:

I took this Branch off of Fallen Tree nearby my Campsite during my Birthday Camping on June 2nd.

There is a Druid Priestess in Ontario that I get along with well so I packaged it up and mailed it off to her.

When I get enough such Walking Staves made, I might start putting them up for Sale.