East Indian Astrology

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Today, I was on my way to the Swimming Pool when I came upon The Metro Newspaper and I went through it.
Towards the end, I found that there are several Advertisements by East Indian Divinatory Artists saying they do Astrology.
I did not know if they were in reference to the usual Western Zodiac Astrology or some East Indian style of Astrology, so when I got Home, I Googled 'East Indian Astrology'.
I got this:


And I found a rather good Website that has an Automatic Indian Zodiac Horoscope Generator:
It seems the East Indian Word for the Gemini Sign is 'Mithun' and I was fairly impressed on its predictions on how my Personality Works.
And it even has a Wikipedia Listing that is rather good:
One thing I have noticed that the East Indian Astrology is Very Similar in Concept and brings out the Divinatory Meanings as the Western Zodiac Astrology.
The Wikipedia Listing states that East Indian Astrology does have a lot of influence from the Ancient Greek Astrology whose knowledge came to them in the 2nd Century CE.
So that means the East Indian Astrology did not come about without Influence from the West but they adopted it into their own Culture and made it their own with their own Meaning and Divinations.
They even believe in this sort of Divinatory Art to the point that is it taught in East Indian University as a Undisputed Art.
So I recommend using the one Link that takes you do the East Indian Astrology Generator because I was rather impressed with how accurately it stated
how my Personality Works.