The Bard and the Bark first Oak of Life's Ark

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Being a Druid Bard the Craeftgemot Witancoveyne way!

I am from time to time ask how to be a Druid Bard? 

And yes there are so many books, so many tales and poems to read and ponder.

So many tools of Old and New Psycholinguistic Art and Science to learn. 

Yet in my Order I share a way that is simple, Heart and Hearth felt and connects us back to the ancient spirit and ancients of our old way. 

How long does this take pray tell? 
Just a turn of the Moon or so.
So here it so you may know.

Find a few live healthy acorns, if you can put them in a small bag or even cut off sock. 

As the Moon starts wane, carry these Children of the Forrest everywhere you go.

Talk to them any time you can, touch and hold them in your hand. 

Tell them of the Dark, of first damp soil in the Forest. 
Of struggle and unbelieved metamorphosing that awaits them in the lonely Dark. 

Of Roots first drink and shoots first Sun. 

Of being young and oh so vulnerable. 

Of growing in the Sun and singing with the wind and the Moon.

Of how their life will be, the changing of the seasons great wheel. 

Of the Times the Druids will come to them in honor Sun or Moon Wheel as it turns. 

Of growing strong and giving comfort and shelter both the small and the great that may come their way.

Of being a home to those that will fly and sing in your strong arms. 

Of giving up your leaves to the seasons and renewal from saved food in your roots.

Of sky lighting and storm of the greatest danger that is Man.

Of growing many Acorns and understanding all will not make the change . 

That You are the Sky Candles great gift, a way to feed the many that live and die so quick.

Of growing and breaking down of giving back to Mother Gala's forever earth and womb. 

Of being born anew from efforts you have sown.

Of so many things to tell the Children of the Forest.

Now as the New Moon starts to wax, write down your words you have told. Of acorns beginning till old Oaks end.

Boil it in cauldron and weave in loom of the mind till it is but a few minutes Magick  Rhyme.

Now on the night of the new Full Moon, take the children to a spot that needs the Oak and where it can grow strong and Tall.

Tear up you speech put a bit in each hole you dig.

Plant the Children of the Forest for they are not mere acorns but the Future. 

Now under Full Moon tell your True Bard's tale to the Children and the sweet Moon's night 

Spun straight from your Heart's own Loom.

Welcome Bard Druid and before you go home be sure and kiss the Moon.

The Lughnasadh Lammas Moon Rising

(c) George King August 1, 2013 Lughnasadh 

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