Aontacht calls for articles; papers and questions.

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Aontacht Production Team has started it preparations for the next issue of the magazine due to be published at the Autumn/Spring Equinox. The theme for the issue relates to Indigenous Beliefs and the Land - Relationship with Mother Earth, the Elements, Sacred Motion, Protecting the Land are just a few topic ideas for submitted articles/papers.

Overall the Production team is looking for: Personal Reflections, Rituals, Poetry, Prayers, Short Stories, Original Artwork, Recipes (e.g. food, incense,etc.), Craft Instructions, Book and Media (e.g. CDs, DVDs, etc.) Reviews, Advertisements (free for Friends of Druidic Dawn), Event Listings, Short Earth and Eco-related Pieces, Meditations, Guided Journeys ... anything original on the theme of Indigenous Beliefs and the Land! Any of the above submissions could be published in Aontacht a Druid Community and International recognised on-line Magazine. We hope you will participate in the Druidic Dawn by being part of the next issue of our magazine.

Submission guidelines are available in every issue of the Aontacht Magazine. They too can be located on the websites at & If you're not sure whether your submission is appropriate or not, still sends it to us and we can decide or work with you on it. Email: aontacht[at]; Although the submission deadline is 15/20th August 2013. If the team is aware of a late submission being submitted the date can be extended is specific circumstances.

The feature interview is with Henry Red Cloud is a 21st Century Oglala Lakota warrior and a direct descendant of the legendary Chief Red Cloud (Mahpiya Luta), the last war chief of the Lakota and one of the most well know Native Americans in history. Henry lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in the United States, where he runs Lakota Solar Enterprises and the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center, a training facility that teaches Native Americans a wide array of new ways to honor the old ways, through renewable energy, food security and sustainable living.

While no individual can speak for all indigenous people, nor capture the breadth of indigenous beliefs about the land, we are honored next issue to interview Henry and delve into his long and deep history of working with the land and natural elements as he shares with us the Lakota approach to honoring the earth, the elements and all that is in sacred motion.  Please join with us for this very special interview by sending in your questions to ask Henry about the Lakota way of life, working with the land and respecting all life.     

We love to hear everyone's perspective, and we value all questions received from our members. Take a moment out and become an important part of Druidic Dawn!

So send inyour questions that you would like to ask. Don't be shy! We love to hear every perspective, and we value all questions  received from our members. Take a moment out and become an important part of Druidic Dawn. 

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Re: Aontacht calls for articles; papers and questions.

Awens to Aontacht: 

I have submitted an Article on Herbology for the Next Issue along with my 2013 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad Poem.


But I have a question for Henry Red Cloud:

Is he familiar with the Lakota Joint Care Medicinal Products?:


It is just that I read one of the Bottle Ingredients and it said it has Devil's Claw Herb in it which is good for Arthritic Conditions.

The thing is, Devil's Claw Herb is Native to SOUTH AFRICA, not North America.  So I would like him to comment on how they are able to promote their Product as based on North American Native Herbal Medicine when there is an Ingredient that is Not Native to North American but to S.Africa.