Druidic Dawn is non-affiliated with any specific Druid Association, Group, or Order. It is presented as a service to the global Druid and Earth Based Community. It is a non-profit platform that provides a Voice for Druids and all those that care for this planet.  Our work is supported by many diverse people in many countries all contributing to celebrating the diversity of the many Druidic Paths and building Unity in Our Global Community.

Druidic Dawn is committed to presenting many views and opinions of what Druidry was, what it is today and what it is becoming.

It’s also concerned with your wider interests and we provide a portal with links to many other Druidry websites from around the world. Contained within our Druidic Dawn website, you will find a vast wealth of unique knowledge and resources, much of it found no other place on the planet.  

Membership is organic, one can either request membership or community members have the ability to invite friends and colleagues into this virtual space, and it's free. Our services and growth primarily depend the generosity of, and donations from, our members and supporters.  A small portion of our operating budget also comes from fees for specific services and selling of exceptional earth-based products  - all of which enable our sociability, sustainability, and longevity for the global community which we serve.

Overall, Druidic Dawn is run by Human Beings who might be labelled Druids, together with professional assistance, for everyone in the Druid and Earth Based Community, Past, Present and in the Future. The Druidic Dawn mission is to foster understanding, through shared knowledge of the various strands that combine in what we now know as Druidry.  Our goal is to support, educate and help unite all those that protect and serve our planet and all the species that live here. We are indeed all related.

Druidic Dawn celebrates our Druidic diversity and our many various traditions and callings and shares it within this community portal. We do not seek to recreate, or detract from, any existing Druid related internet website, but to harmonise and support that which is already available on the internet, whilst at the same time providing a storehouse of knowledge and fostering links and inspiration to new seekers and scholars alike.

We welcome your involvement, your perspective and most of all your Voice, and we will always strive to provide you with a global vehicle for your expression.

Blessed Be and may you always feel your Path beneath your feet!



Guardian of Fire