Andrew Peers, A Celtic Buddhist Priest


Druidic Dawn Community interview with with Andrew Peers, a Celtic Buddhist Priest. A Trappist monk, leaving to found the Order of the Longing Look, a path that combines the druidic way of seeing with Celtic warriorship, structured on the basic practice of silent meditation. This interview previously published in Aontacht, Volume 5 Issue 3, Winter-Summer 2012

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Andrew Peers, Celtic Buddhist Priest, Order of the Longing Look,
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Re: Andrew Peers, A Celtic Buddhist Priest

Awens to All:


I really enjoyed the Interview.  I am quite knowledgeable about Celtic Buddhism and there was no surprises about what Mr.Peers had to say about Celtic Buddhism.


One Day, I would not mind getting involved with a Temple of Celtic Buddhism and I emailled Mr.Peers if he could put me touch with one of them.