Call for papers Aontacht Winter/Summer Solstice 2012

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The up and coming solstice issue of Aontacht is following a theme concentrating
on Animal Totems, guides, our spiritual relationships with animals, use in divination
are some of the areas in which articles can be submitted. If you have something
you would like to share with the Druidic community within this area then
Aontacht Production Team is only too willing to give it their consideration for

Overall the Production team is looking for: Personal Reflections, Rituals,
Poetry, Prayers, Short Stories, Original Artwork, Recipes (e.g. food, incense,
etc.), Craft Instructions, Book and Media (e.g. CDs, DVDs, etc.) Reviews,
Advertisements (free at this time for community members), Event Listings, Short
Earth and Eco-related Pieces, Meditations, Guided Journeys ... anything
original on the theme of Animal Totems! Any of the above submissions could be
published in Aontacht a Druid Community and International recognised on-line

If you're not sure whether your submission is appropriate or not, still
sends it to us and we can decide or work with you on it. Email:
aontacht[at]; Deadline: 15/20th November 2012.

The production team looks forward to receiving your submissions.

On behalf of the Aontacht Production Team