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What This Image Means To Me...: <p> Hello everyone! </p> <p> Here is Vermilex from the stars of Draco. In all inland waterways of any size can be seen (with finer vision) the Water Guardians, gentle serpents of great size providing bridges for the Earth Elementals who cannot easily cross water. For large numbers of elemental spirits (billions in fact), crossing water presents no problem, but there are billions more, earth gnomes, forest faeries, cavern dwarves, mineral elementals and certain plant elves whose vital energies fade away as they approach a body of water, whether moving or still. To resolve this great problem, the Water Guardians have provided safe passage for all. Northern and Southern Serpents (in illustration) are permanently stationed at this Ley-line water crossing. Their bodies are linked together, combining their energies to neutralize the force of the water below, equalizing Earth and Aquatic frequencies. The Ley-line passes directly through the serpent forms, bonding it’s energies to theirs, as can be seen in the illustration. As they are swept along by the power of the Ley-line, the massed elemental forms appear as ribbons of pastel rose and blue, firmly connected to their power source in moments of danger. Down in the right front corner stands a large Mountain Faerie.... Love, Light.... Guenn  </p>

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