A little friend?


What This Image Means To Me...: Patiently waiting to take a series of photos pay off some times, this is perhaps the best image of the series taken. On a glorious summer afternoon as a chipmunk makes ones way down a tree after feeding on the seeds. A day full of memories a few weeks past.

Chipmunk, Ontario, Canada,
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Re: A little friend?

Astrocelt, that is wonderful!

I love this little one, he has many tunnels that he travels in and around my gardens. Thank you for capturing him on film.



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Re: A little friend?

Hello Astrocelt! What a wonderful little friend! Here where I live, in Seattle, just outside is a small palm tree. In the top of the tree, which is just outside the kitchen window, lives a little family of squirrels! About thirty years ago the first one made her home there and we named her “Mrs. Nuts”. She very soon learned to trust us and it was not long before she was coming into the apartment to sit upon my shoulder each day for walnuts. When she had babies and they were ready, she brought them with her and we were introduced to them! There have been many “Mrs. Nuts” now, and all these many generations later the tradition continues. Just this summer, the latest “Mrs. Nuts” brought in two little ones for introductions, but they did not yet know what to do with the walnuts and ended up playing with them on the kitchen table instead of eating them. It was really very funny! Take care dear and I hope all is well with you!


Wishing you wonderful things, Guenn