Is Druidic Dawn a new Organisation?

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Druidic Dawn is not a new druid organisation but a group of likeminded non political human beings. Together we are creating a global social enterprise and a powerful platform which is open to everyone connected with various aspects of Druidry. It is a kind of Druid Pathway which brings together the diversities found throughout Druidry today and around the world with respect and harmony. It is not dependant on any druidry association, group, order or individual, nor its project team, - but on the druidic awen or inspiration, which has brought this project into existence!

Druidic Dawn is different from what is already available throughout the internet; we are not here to reduplicate the wheel, or attempt to compromise what is already available. Nor are we here to introduce a particular approach....We are here to bring druidry related sites together. We are here to harmonise druidry related internet sources within a combined knowledge base with informed consent, at its commencement of the pre release web resource on the Autumn/Spring equinox 2007.