The Menehune

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What This Image Means To Me...: <p> Hello everyone (especially Jen, CalonDdraig and Skylark)! This is ELF LORD TAOMANI, Ruler to the Akkad Elves of the Pacific Sectre. Several years ago I asked an old native born Hawaiian friend if she could find any pictures of the Menehune (Faeries) of Hawaii, but she could find none. In Hawaii stories abound of very small people seen building low stone walls along mountain roads in the dark of night and also constructing tiny houses and digging and filling small ponds with finny inhabitants. However, fourth and sixth dimensional Royals such as Taomani are invisible within the third dimension except, perhaps, to a few old souls. Earlier today I experienced a vision of Elemental night life in a Hawiian rain forest. It began as a full moon scattered it's light through high branches covered with orchids. Small furry and feathered creatures are scurrying through the shadows and danger looms! Suddenly, coming from all sides, their bodies of incandescent green, are Taomani's people, the elves of the Akkad Klan. They began searching the ground, continually leaning down to capture tiny mice and baby birds hiding beneath the ferns, holding them gently but firmly, and returning them to their burrows and nests a short distance away in clumps of tall grass. It is Spring now and baby mice and baby birds are feeling adventurous long before it is safe to be so. Baby mice can negotiate this lunar nightscape more safely than the baby birds who become disoriented and helpless at sunset. When the moon has set and all the little ones are asleep in their burrows and nests, these lovable old elves, nature's nursemaids, return to their nearby cavern homes to sit around their spirit hearth fires, telling tall tales and singing their ancient, haunting songs until they, too, fall into slumber.... Wishing you all well! Guenn     </p>

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