People Like Us


"People Like Us" is a resource of likeminded druidic people who have gone with the awen in trust, and respectfully shared their resources with this project and the Druidic Community.


This is a private knowledge base, relating to consented Druid material that has been placed in sub topics for visual searching. Likewise these can be accessed through the search engine.
Either method will allow the full scope of internet Druidry presently brought together here to be explored.

This area will be made organic but unlike the public knowledge base, is for members only. If something Druidic is missing and would benefit from having a presence within this community area,
the project team would like to know. Spread the word, encourage the awen to flow, for you and others like you is the reason why Druidic Dawn exists.

Submissions can be sent via the Feedback form, please place in the text; 'People like us'

To view these, click on the membership items on the left which you are interested in, a list of the available held resources will be presented. Select the item you are interested in,
click on the heading, and this will be displayed in the sites presentation frame. If the resource does not appear as the originating resource intended.
Use the facility which allows you to generate a pop up window. This will then allow you to view it correctly as the originating author intended.

Once again thank you its a fantastic Druidic Team effort, without your support none of this would be possible! 

Druidic Dawn Project Team