Call for papers on Druidry and all things Celtic

Bath.jpgIf you are involved in the production of any Druidic related Journal and need written articles for future issues then an opportunity exists here to gain high quality information on Druidry and its related subject the “Celts”. This is available from a wide area of views and opinions across various Druidic Associations, Groups, Organisations and Orders, inclusive of talented recognised and not so recognised individuals.

We hope in the near future to run article writing competitions on behalf of Druid Related Journals. The winning entry can be guaranteed publication for original articles submitted, and offered to the receiving Journal who has requested them. Druidic Dawn will also expect to receive an automatic licence to display these, either in its online public or membership knowledge base. When this occurs the displayed area will be respectively agreed between its author, the receiving Journal, and the Druidic Dawn project team.

Please email details of the article subjects you are looking for, together with a realistic submission date for entries. Druidic Dawn will then facilitate a competition throughout its Druidic community. Use the Feedback form so that we can discuss this further.