Community Members

Welcome to the Druidic Dawn Membership Space.


This area is limited to members of Druidic Dawn who wish to share information with like minded colleagues, while not necessarily leaving any posted knowledge open to the general public.

A powerful Search Engine is also available so that you can quickly find any Druidic related information that is either held within Druidic Dawn or any of the Internet resources referred to within Druidic Dawn.

Druidic Dawn is a Global resource, knowing no boundaries whether geographical, cultural or political. We hope to build relationships between all of those passionate about Druidry with its myriad forms and personifications. In this way we all foster what is good about Druidry, and aid one another on our personal paths.

Druidic Dawn, gives you the ability to share articles on Druidry and “Celtic” resources with other members. This area can also be utilised if you are undertaking research, and gives you the ability to draw on the communities wealth of knowledge. You also have access to ‘People like us’, together with a special feature if you are actively running a Druidic/Celtic Journal and require support with obtaining articles for publication; Druidic Dawn is the first place to come to, and can be the touch point to Druidry on-line.


To view these, click on the membership items on the left which you are interested in, a list of the available held resources will then be presented. Select the item you are interested in, click on the heading, and this will be displayed in the sites presentation frame. If the resource does not appear as the originating resource intended then use the facility which allows you to generate a pop up window. This will then allow you to view it correctly.


Likewise all Druidic community members are encouraged to participate within this community with harmony and respect. All pathways are valid and complement each other in various ways. Enjoy this

space, and thank you all for making this possible.


Druidic Dawn Project Team