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Airport owner BAA and the british Government are currently trying to force
through the building of a third runway at Heathrow. If successful,
this will allow for 222.000 extra flights per year, many of them
short haul, and make Heathrow the biggest single source of CO2 in
Britain. This seems a slap in the face of millions of ordinary people
who are being constantly told to switch to energy-saving lightbulbs,
have better roof insulation and not to leave their TV's on stand-by.
It will almost certainly wipe out the Gopvernment's abillty to cut
greenhause gases by 80% by 2050 as the have agreed to. Oh, and did I
mention that the little village of Sipson (700 homes, school with
over 300 pupils etc.) would be flattened in the process?

There is more than one good reason to oppose these plans. That's why
Greenpeace and a number of well-known individuals have acted and
purchased a plot of land, about the size of a football field, right
in the middle of the propsed airport extension. These four (the
others being Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, comedian Alistair McGowan
and envirnmentalist Zac Goldsmith) are the legal owners of the plot
but legally they can own the land on behalf of any number of
beneficial owners who have rights and responsibilities in relation to
the property. Simply speaking, this peace of land can be collectively
owned on behalf of thausands or even millions of people from around
the world.

And that is where [u]you[/u] come in. So far, over the last couple of
months, over 40.000 people have registered as beneficial owners,
including yours truly. Now I am calling on you to do the same and try
to help prevent this madness happen! To do so is easy, just go to and find out the details. The aim is to get at
least 100.000 people signed up and with all of you joining in and
spreading the word it is not impossible to achieve. It won't cost you
a penny and you won'y personally own a stamp-sized piece of land. You
will merely be one of many thousand people taking responsibilty over
a plot of land in order to keep it just as it is! So, join the




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