Interview with the Trinity Grove, Edinburgh.

A Druidic Dawn interview with Bishop Alistair Bates of the Trinity Grove, a Christian Druid Grove covering areas of their ceremonies, relationship to the land and workshops.

Playtime: 17.26 minutes

Further information from:-

The Trinity Grove, Edinburgh

Trinity Grove Yahoo Group

Alistair Bates Home Page

The Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church

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Re: A little thank you!

The Management Team is delighted  to announce, Trinity Grove is making
their course on Christian Druidry available within the Open Druidic
Community Learning area of the website. The direct link is


A little thank you!

First of all I would like to extend my thanks to Bishop Alistair and also Wyrd Hermit, both for there kind hospitality during ones visit to Edinburgh last week, and the feasting was marverlous! .

Secondly having returned, I was rather saddened; as the best part of this interview in my opinion had the gremlins at work subsequently we lost half of it due to technical issues.  However I hope to re record that section again in the near future. There certainly was a lot more surprises there!

Warm regards and Blessings


Thanks so much Nigel and

Thanks so much Nigel and Alistair. Yes, lots of pleasant surprises, and I look forward to more. This interview is heart-warming and should go a long way towards healing the artificial rift between faiths. Peace on Earth, Good Will to All! - Elkie

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That was really interesting and a few suprises in there too! 

Many thanks