Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way of navigating around this website?

There are two ways which are available to navigate around this website. You can either browse through the categories in on the left hand navigation bar. This gives you a synopsis or teaser to the information available prior to opening or displaying the full information of the link.

Alternatively, there is the search engine in the top right hand corner. Simply type in the appropriate keyword of the item you are looking for and submit the search. If the information requested is available on Druidic Dawn, you will be presented with a list of the search results.

Depending on your access permissions, this will determine the information presented by the search, and the list of topics displayed in the left hand navigation too.


Where can I find details of using this Website?

For members of the Druidic Dawn community, under "My Pathway" you'll find a navigation link which is named "User Guide". In this catergory, walk through explanations are available. If any diffculties are encounted, a friendly and approachable Project Team is available to assist, via the Feedback form.

Is the symbol on the front page of Druidic Dawn connected to Neo Druidry and OBOD?

The awen symbol has a chequered timeline; present day stereotyping might suggest this could be the case. However the image is utilised by other Druid Organisations other than OBOD, which is presently illustrated within the member’s Knowledge base. The awen symbol has associations with the present day Eisteddfod organisation in Wales, UK. It also is associated with Edward Williams better know as IoIo Morgannwg. Further associations can be deduced from the Masonic Orders which developed from various societies, during and after the 'War of the Roses' within England and Wales during the 17th century. The awen symbol is described in poetic form during a Bardic Controversy in the early 15th Century. This involved three bards from different regional areas within Wales. The period highlights internal changes occurring which affected the Welsh Bardic Tradition itself. The symbol, if one is interested could be taken further back, in time and space through personal reseach.

The Druidic Dawn Project Team, leaves our readers to draw their own conclusions.

Will Druidic Dawn allow Commercial adverts?

This web site is designed not to house commercial adverts, it is the project team's intention not to go down that path. Yet we are ‘in service’ to, and support the wider Druid community in their respective endeavours.

What are the aims of Druidic Dawn?

This website has been created to be a service to the Druid Community; it cannot exist without its respected Druid association, group, order or individual participation or member’s contribution. The awen has planted a seed, how this small seed begins to grow depends on the quality of the earth and water, which will nourish it into life. Its success and failure is determined by the Global Internet Druid Community. If it fails then we know that Druidry is not at a stage where it’s ready for such a respectful endeavour. In turn, we too will have to question the validity of the Druidic concept of “awen” respected by all Druids we understand, and drives Druidry forward at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Who contributes to Druidic Dawn?

Druidic Dawn connects with informed consent to contributing Druidic association, groups, orders and individuals, who have spent time creating web resources about Druidry. This project has approached over two hundred Druid related websites; some of those are available here within our first release. Permission has been granted to incorporate them within this project. We too have respected a very small number whom wishes to maintain their privacy. However a high percentage remains unanswered which we hope to include in due course.

Contributing sites are respectfully request the Druidry and related websites, to maintain their web resources, if the URL changes, please inform the website Admin to ensure links are always available, in a professional manner. Likewise you’ll be undertaking a service to the greater Druid Community.

What is Druidic Dawn?

Welcome to Druidic Dawn and its new approach to internet Druidry. The awen has brought this project team together to be ‘in service’ to the Global Druid Cyber Community. Subsequently we are not affiliated to any Druid Association, Group, Order or individual, thus maintaining our independence, together with having no interest with Druidic Politics; hence our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, which cover all aspects of this website.

What type of Organisation is Druidic Dawn?

Overall the project team is seeking the status to become a non profit organisation. This is to cover costs ensuring its sociability and longevity. This is primarily to cover operating this web site, and where necessary compensate people within the team for their contributions, which will not occur until 2009 at the earliest. Alternatively all concerned have opportunities to reinvest this, with any profit which might arise into a fund, which in time will support deserving projects related to Druidry and Druidic belief in the near future.

At present membership is free but we reserve the right, if necessary, to charge a nominal yearly subscription if this arises in the near future, with bandwidth and associated costs which could rise.

Who are Druidic Dawn?

The project team consists of six members; a brief breakdown of this relates to four druidic minded people. Two act as the Northern and Southern Hemisphere co project managers or coordinators. The two other druids, this relates to a computer minded technician, whose efforts have basically brought this site into a reality; with assistance from a computer consultant and direction from the coordinators. The remaining druid minded individual, although mentioned last is just as important as any others within the team, who advises us on the internet legal side of this project. The two non druids who make up the present project team, is a major practising computer consultant. Plus the team has recently been joined by a like-minded person in computer graphic design.

Is Druidic Dawn a new Organisation?

Druidic Dawn is not a new druid organisation but a group of likeminded non political human beings. Together we are creating a global social enterprise and a powerful platform which is open to everyone connected with various aspects of Druidry. It is a kind of Druid Pathway which brings together the diversities found throughout Druidry today and around the world with respect and harmony. It is not dependant on any druidry association, group, order or individual, nor its project team, - but on the druidic awen or inspiration, which has brought this project into existence!

Druidic Dawn is different from what is already available throughout the internet; we are not here to reduplicate the wheel, or attempt to compromise what is already available. Nor are we here to introduce a particular approach....We are here to bring druidry related sites together. We are here to harmonise druidry related internet sources within a combined knowledge base with informed consent, at its commencement of the pre release web resource on the Autumn/Spring equinox 2007.

Who Owns the Content within Druidic Dawn Website?

All information submitted and displayed in the various knowledge bases, in 'The Circle' and elsewhere, inclusive of its future releases. Or alternatively, information featured as articles, or on third party websites and original
articles submitted and viewed from within this portal. Druidic Dawn does not claim ownership to it; this is retained by the originating Druid association, group, and respective order, individual, or website featured who retains the copyright and its intellectual property or both, where appropriate.

Having said that Druidic Dawn, cannot be held responsible for its content, opinions or views expressed in either its public or membership areas; these remain with the originating website, author or individual.

Can I link to, or decline permissions to be included in the Knowledge Base?

At pre-release on 23rd September 2007 all originating content held within the knowledge base, be it public or within its invited community membership space. Druidic Dawn has respectively gained and been granted, the necessary permissions to link with the displayed resources.

As this knowledge bases grows through invited membership submissions. It is an impossible task for the project team to seek and obtain, the required permissions under which it commenced. Therefore if a request is received
from any such website to which we either hold or do not hold permission to link with. Notification received asking for their removal will be acted on accordingly and respectively. This will be undertaken, on the first practical
opportunity, upon receipt by the joint Druidic Dawn project team.

Who controls what appears on the Druidic Dawn Social Enterprise Communitywebsite?

Each invited Druid Association, Group, Order or individual has full control over what is shared and displayed within the public and its membership accessible areas. The information shared is done so at your own free will, whereby under Druidic ethics, everyone is responsible and accountable for their own actions.

However a designated member of the joint Druidic Dawn project team, reserves the right to monitor areas such as forums and chat for quality control purposes, undertaken in the strictest confidence.

Is the email 'Request Permission to Link with' still valid?

The project confidential communication 'requesting to link' prior to release in respect to late submissions will be accepted, and incorporated at the earliest opportunity once received. In all probability, this communication is
not to have been all encompassing.

The project Druidic Dawn accepts requests from Druid Association, Groups and Orders who would like to have a presence within this Druidic Social Enterprise for the betterment of Druidry.