Declaration of Druidic Values

Druidry is a personal path chosen by individuals through the journey of life, and given the essence of what Druidry is, the written word is unable to fully encompass the experience and insight that practising Druidry provides.

However to illustrate to those who may wish to understand a little more about Druidry, Druidic Dawn polled its members with regards to writing a Declaration of Druidic Values.  Individuals from all other the world from many different organisations and groves participated, raising common themes and controversial points, and from that discussion the following are considered to be core Druidic Values.


Life, yourself, others, nature that surrounds us, the universe that encompasses us, the ancient ways, and our ancestors.


Nature, others, the balance of life, and the ancient ways.


Nature that surrounds us, the universe that encompasses us, and the other which is beyond description


Learn from others and our experiences, pass on what we know, build upon the knowledge of our ancestors

This list is not doctrine, definitive or prescribed.  Take from it what you will, and as time passes the fluidity of Awen will see this declaration evolve and change accordingly.

Druidic Dawn