Celtic & Druid Archive

The Celtic and Druid Archive

All contributors to this project have assisted in the construction of this resource. A Druidic online library which has drawn together related website on all aspects of Druidry at one level, and the “Celts” on the other. The management team has added some sub topics, which we consider would be helpful to any enquirers who wish to understand Druidry and its related subject the “Celts”. Please choose the subject you are interested in, and a choice of resources will be presented to you. The library is organic and can be contributed too, and we expect it to expand as more and more people become aware of Druidic Dawn. This is an opportunity to all invited members  to add to the Knowledge Base and add any Druidic & Celtic associated content.

We know that as the site expands, additional sub-topics will be needed, and we welcome requests from members.  When and where possible we shall add the new topics as quickly as possible 

We are also excited to announce a new section on Fraternal Druids:  an archive of material pertaining to the Fraternal Druid organisations from the last three centuries. Many thanks to Mythagobaz for collecting and sharing his material with us.  If you have any queries or links in one's family history to Fraternal Druid Orders, or queries concerning items passed down within the family. All is welcome to send these, with an attached image where applicable to fraternaldruid@druidicdawn.org. These will be posted to and answered via the onsite public forum, to the best of our knowledge which is currently available.

To make it easier for the Druidic community members and also the general public, we have incorporated a powerful search engine to enable you to quickly find the information you are looking for. (Use the "Advanced Search" option for more specific results)

Enjoy this resource which everyone has assisted the project team to create, and please let us know what you think, your feedback is important to us.