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Sillbury Hill is situated outside the stone circle of Avebury, and has a Neolithic origin when the first layer wa layed on the vally floor, its believed to be an integral part of the Avebury complex of monuments. Its the largest man made mound in Europe rising 130ft from its base, the purpose of its construction can only presently be speculated although various archaeology excavations have been attempted over the last 300 years. This has been carried out from the top by means of a vertical shaft, and also a tunnel through its side has failed to reveal its secrets.  However archaeologists, have speculated it may have been used for ritual or astronomical purposes.

Silbury is very impressive when seen for the first time, rising out of a flat meadow like an up turned cauldron, where there is a definite ridge at the top which was not filled with chalk rubble. It must of been quite impressive having this white chalk mound dominating the landscape, along with the West Kennet Barrow on the opposite hill to the south. Nature has since taken hold and grassed over both structures.

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