Avebury Henge and Circles

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Off site resources on Avebury

Teachers  Monument Notes

Avebury in Winter: Photographic Essay by Michael Allen (PDF file)

The Big Dig Avebury:  Report from British Archaeology.

Avebury - subtle obstructions to sacred spaces by Bob Trubshaw.

Avebury Echos: Explorations to the effects of sound within the Avebury circle.

Understanding Avebury: Sequence of monument construction.

Avebury Timeline: pdf document tracking the published works and excavation undertaken at Avebury fromArts and Humanties Research Council.

Avebury Landscape Revealed: pdf file from the Ridgeways Friends, brings many facets of the Avebury complex into context through walking within this monumental landscape.

Avebury Monuments Listed: PastScape, an English Heritage website National Monument Records of finds, excavations, photographs, map locations, relative to Avebury through time and space from the past to the present.

Video Resources

Julian Cope-The Modern Antiquarian: discusses the Avebury Landscape and some of its monuments.

Avebury - Neolithic Site - England

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