Avebury Project

An exciting new project about this Sacred Site,
which involves bringing an Archive of unseen material to the web! 


Why Avebury?

Access to this World Heritage Site is available all year round and is open 24/7 to wander, feel and experience the landscape and its various monuments which the ancestors created and built!

Druidic Dawn's brings together the written word, off site resources, video content and much more. Its just a fraction of what could be available, with your help.

With the communities assistance and with that of the greater Druid and Celtic internet community and interested parties, everyone now has an opportunity to assist indirectly by helping to build the penultimate web resource concerning Avebury.

Any donations generated from this page, Druidic Dawn will utilise to further our endeavours to bring an as yet unseen archive to the web. An individual contribution to the Avebury Project could assist to release from the archives additional information held on this monument.


Thank you for your generosity and supporting this community project.

Windmill Hill West Kennet Long Barrow
The Sanctury Avebury Henge and Circles
Avebury Avenues Silbury Hill


If you have any information, insights or experiences of the sites mentioned on these pages that
you would like to see included on this page, please share them with us!
Send them to us via the Feedback Form